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  • Pitch Accuracy and Interaction in Unaccompanied Duet Singing 2017-02-20 12:54 PM
    The aim of this paper is to investigate factors influencing singing interaction by analysis of the pitch accuracy of unaccompanied duet singers. Although previous studies have found the relevance of audio feedback to singing accuracy ...
  • Polyphonic Sound Event Tracking using Linear Dynamical Systems 2017-01-11 12:32 PM
    Description: This code performs sound event detection in complex acoustic environments. This version is trained with office sounds (16 event classes) from the DCASE 2013 Office Synthetic (OS) development set ...
  • Weather Synthesis prototyping » AeolianHarp 2016-11-23 11:41 AM
    Sound synthesis model of an Aeolian harp. GUI gives users control over 13 strings, controlling length, diameter, tension, mass and damping.
  • Piper » Vamp plugin builds for Piper JS 2016-11-10 12:00 PM
    Build scripts to transform various C++ Vamp plugin libraries into Javascript modules implementing the Piper JSON API, using the Piper Vamp JSON Adapter.
  • Piper » Piper Vamp JSON Adapter 2016-10-10 05:01 PM
    Adapter code to make a Vamp plugin library into a module that exports request-handling functions for the Piper protocol's JSON serialisation.
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Busy projects

  • Piper » Piper Vamp C++ Chris Cannam, Lucas Thompson
    Supporting code in C++ for the Piper audio feature extractor protocol, primarily for making Vamp plugins work with the Piper protocol.
  • Sonic Visualiser Alo Allik, Chris Cannam, Dan Stowell, Lucas Thompson, Mathieu Barthet
    The Sonic Visualiser application. Requires the SV Libraries code (svcore, svgui and svapp).
  • SV Libraries » SV Core Library Chris Cannam, Lucas Thompson
    Core application library from the Sonic Visualiser project, also used by GUI-less applications such as Sonic Annotator. Includes audio file wrappers and other file format support, data models, basic utility functions ...
  • Vamp » Vamp Plugin SDK Chris Cannam
    The standard Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing Vamp plugins and hosts in C or C++.
  • SV Libraries » SV GUI Library Chris Cannam
    Implementations of the layer and view abstractions from Sonic Visualiser, as well as any additional Qt widgets used by SV.
Overall activity


  • Tweakathon2iOS Robert Tubb
    Second version of synth parameter matching experiment.
  • Analysis of Scattering-Based MCA Systems Francisco Rodriguez-Algarra
    Code provided to allow the reproduction of the results reported in the paper "Analysing Scattering-Based Music Content Analysis Systems: Where's the Music?" by Francisco Rodríguez-Algarra, Bob L. Sturm and Hugo Maruri ...
  • IDyOM Project Marcus Pearce
    Information Dynamics Of Music or IDyOM (Pearce, 2005): a framework for constructing multiple-viewpoint variable-order Markov models for predictive statistical modelling of musical structure (see "Conklin ...
  • auditok Amine Sehili
    auditok is an audio activity detection and audio segmentation tool and API written in Python
  • Robert B Schulein-HRA Perception Robert Schulein
    This project is focused on the development of subjective listening tests and informative documents allowing individuals to judge their own perception of what are commonly referred to as High Resolution Audio programs ...
  • CCmI Diagram Editor Fiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns
    Collaborative Cross Modal Interfaces diagram editor.
  • Python Compressed Sensing algorithms (pyCSalgos) Nicolae Cleju
    A collection of Compressed Sensing algorithms (mainly solvers) implemented in Python.
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