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An audio scene generation toolkit inspired by Rossinol, Lafay and Lagrange's SimScene (, Copyright IRCAM). This is written in python, and allows easy creation of patterns that generate sounds ...
audio, audio activity, sound event detection, sound scene analysisEmmanouil Theofanis Chourdakis2017-09-292017-10-09
Description: This code performs sound event detection in complex acoustic environments. This version is trained with office sounds (16 event classes) from the DCASE 2013 Office Synthetic (OS) development set ...
matlab, audio analysis, acoustic event detection, acoustic scene analysis, computational auditory scene analysis, sound event detection, sound scene analysis, linear dynamical systemsEmmanouil Benetos, Gregoire Lafay, Mark Plumbley, Mathieu Lagrange2017-01-112017-01-16


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