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Research description

RAEng Research Fellow @ Queen Mary University of London, working on audio signal analysis. Website: http://www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/~emmanouilb/


City University London


Publications (9)

Dimitrios Giannoulis, Emmanouil Benetos, Mathieu Lagrange, Dan Stowell, Mathias Rossignol, Mark Plumbley. Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events  (2013)
Emmanouil Benetos, Tillman Weyde. Multiple-F0 estimation and note tracking for MIREX 2013 using an efficient latent variable model  (2013)
Chris Cannam, Emmanouil Benetos, Matthias Mauch, Matthew E. P. Davies, Dixon, Simon, Christian Landone, Katy C. Noland, Dan Stowell. MIREX 2014: Vamp Plugins from the Centre for Digital Music  (2014)
Emmanouil Benetos, Dixon, Simon. Multiple-instrument polyphonic music transcription using a temporally constrained shift-invariant model  (2013)
Emmanouil Benetos, Dixon, Simon. A Shift-Invariant Latent Variable Model for Automatic Music Transcription  (2012)
Emmanouil Benetos, Simon Dixon. Multiple-F0 Estimation and Note Tracking for MIREX 2012 using a Shift-Invariant Latent Variable Model  (2012)
Emmanouil Benetos, Sebastian Ewert, Tillman Weyde. Automatic Transcription of pitched and unpitched sounds from polyphonic music  (2014)
Emmanouil Benetos, Srikanth Cherla, Tillman Weyde. An effcient shift-invariant model for polyphonic music transcription  (2013)
Emmanouil Benetos, Anssi Klapuri, Dixon, Simon. Score-informed transcription for automatic piano tutoring  (2012)


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05:18 PM Polyphonic Sound Event Tracking using Linear Dynamical Systems sed-plca-lds.zip


01:20 PM DCASE 2016 Challenge - Task 2 - Baseline System dcase2016_task2_baseline_v1.0.3.zip
Task2 Baseline System v1.0.3


10:58 AM DCASE 2016 Challenge - Task 2 - Baseline System dcase2016_task2_baseline_v1.0.2.zip
Task2 Baseline System v1.0.2


12:53 PM DCASE 2016 Challenge - Task 2 - Baseline System dcase2016_task2_baseline_v1.0.1.zip
Task2 Baseline System v1.0.1


10:15 PM DCASE 2016 Challenge - Task 2 - Baseline System dcase2016_task2_baseline.zip
Task2 Baseline System v1.0


12:13 PM Detection of overlapping acoustic events using a temporally-constrained probabilistic model sound-event-detection-plca.zip
System for sound event detection (trained for office sounds)


12:01 PM Automatic transcription of Turkish makam music Singing transcription.zip
System for automatic transcription of Turkish vocal makam music
11:59 AM Automatic transcription of Turkish makam music Instrumental transcription.zip
System for automatic transcription of Turkish instrumental makam music


04:13 PM ASyMMuS - public material Revision 1:d678f9c0982f: Added G. Fazekas slides


11:46 AM ASyMMuS - public material Revision 0:5bcf5d996723: added workshops slides

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