Audio Event Detection baseline system using NMF (MATLAB).

This is an event detection system that you can train on a set of labelled audio files with isolated sound events of various sounds, and then it is able to detect and classify audio activity related to these events from an audio files containing a series of different events and background noise. It is designed with two main aims:

1. to provide a baseline against which to test more advanced systems;
2. to provide a simple code example of a system which people are free to build on.

It follows a training/testing framework. A dictionary of spectral basis vectors is learned using NMF on the training data. This dictionary is subsequently set fixed and used to obtain an activation matrix of unlabelled audio files from the development set using NMF decomposition. The activation vactors per class are summed together and thresholded to give the activity for different classes.

Related publications

D. Giannoulis, E. Benetos, M. Lagrange, D. Stowell, M. Rossignol, and M. Plumbley, “Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events,” Techical Report, EECSRR-13-01, 2013.
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