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C. Cannam, C. Landone, and M. Sandler, “Sonic Visualiser: An Open Source Application for Viewing, Analysing, and Annotating Music Audio Files,” in Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia 2010 International Conference, 2010.
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C. Cannam, C. Landone, and M. Sandler, “The sonic visualiser: A visualisation platform for semantic descriptors from musical signals,” in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR-06), 2006.
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2019-07-21 11:12 AM Chris Cannam
Bug #1900 (New): time instants partly erased by moving playhead
Create a time-instant layer by running a transform with limited time resolution (e.g. an onset detector). Zoom in o...
2019-07-21 10:50 AM Chris Cannam
Bug #1899 (New): crash when opening new file while timestretcher was in operation (In current repo head)
* Open an audio file and play it
* Slow it down
* Stop playing and open a different file
2019-07-19 04:50 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 2308:cac1d32e69a1: Subrepo update
2019-07-18 06:54 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 2307:a8dbf75ddac7: Subrepo update
2019-07-17 02:28 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 2306:a1c14880404b: Merge from branch by-id