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Queen Mary, University of London


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Dan Stowell, Mark D. Plumbley. Adaptive whitening for improved real-time audio onset detection  (2007)
Dan Stowell, Mark D Plumbley. Multi-target pitch tracking of vibrato sources in noise using the GM-PHD filter  (2012)
Dan Stowell, Mark D. Plumbley. Fast multidimensional entropy estimation by k-d partitioning  (2012)
Chris Cannam, Matthias Mauch, Matthew E. P. Davies, Dixon, Simon, Christian Landone, Katy C. Noland, Mark Levy, Massimiliano Zanoni, Dan Stowell, Luís A. Figueira. MIREX 2013 Entry: Vamp Plugins from the Centre for Digital Music  (2013)
Chris Cannam, Emmanouil Benetos, Matthias Mauch, Matthew E. P. Davies, Dixon, Simon, Christian Landone, Katy C. Noland, Dan Stowell. MIREX 2014: Vamp Plugins from the Centre for Digital Music  (2014)


Reported issues: 16


08:38 PM Bela Feature #1477 (New): exponential/logarithmic map()
It's quite common to need exponential/logarithmic mappings, not just linear, so here's a little (low priority) reques...


09:07 AM Sonic Visualiser Feature #1468: Time-frequency box layer
Yes. I'd really like to promote SV to bioacousticians - not for any selfish reason, just because they often resort to...


02:03 PM Silvet Note Transcription Feature #1446 (New): Percussion suppression
I just downloaded Silvet, and naively applied it to some music with percussion in. The results, when played back, mak...


03:05 PM VamPy Host Bug #1151 (Closed): linux makefile requires "nosetests2"
linux makefile requires "nosetests2". On my ubuntu machine I have:
% nosetests --version
nosetests version 1.3.1...


01:34 PM Sonic Visualiser Bug #1036 (Closed): Number of minutes should be zero padded
When I play back an audio file more than 1 hour long, in the bottom-left it says:
> Playing 1:5:03 of 1:5:59


03:05 PM Sonic Visualiser Bug #137: Crash on running out of disc space
I'm having disk space problems; but, for me, there's no crash - it simply reports a cryptic error about failing to do...


12:44 PM Sonic Visualiser Bug #877 (Closed): Export Annotation Layer: it should remember the filetype that you are exporting
I'm going through a process of opening each of 45 WAV files, annotating, then exporting the CSV annotation. Every tim...


04:02 PM RR Repository Bug #802 (New): Related software is shown under "Experiments related" title
Hi - here:
is my kdpee software. "Exp...
03:50 PM RR Repository Bug #800 (New): "name" field is tiny tiny
On http://rrr.soundsoftware.ac.uk/rrr/node/add/biblio there's a sort of table for adding authors. The "Name" field th...
03:45 PM RR Repository Bug #796: "Notice: Undefined index: und in pdf_to_image_tokens()" when editing publication
And then, after I pressed save, a different pair of warnings:...

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