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Tony is a software program for high quality scientific pitch and note transcription in three steps: automatic visualisation/sonification, easy correction, and export.
pitch track, note track, intonation, transcription, annotationChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas, Justin Salamon, Matthias Mauch, Rachel Bittner2012-05-252015-04-24
This paper investigates whether intonation patterns in spoken language map to melodic profile patterns in music. The study focuses on polar (yes/no) and interrogative (wh) questions, and commonly found terminal intonation patterns for these kinds of questions in British English ...
music, intonation, speech, questions, prosody, melodic profile, song lyrics, music and speechDave Moffat2015-01-142015-01-14
Code and annotated data accompanying the paper "Analysis of Intonation Trajectories in Solo Singing" by Dai, Mauch, Dixon.
intonation, singingJiajie Dai, Matthias Mauch, Simon Dixon2015-07-142015-07-18


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