Supporting code in C++ for the Piper audio feature extractor protocol, primarily for making Vamp plugins work with the Piper protocol.


  • code to adapt Piper messages to the classes used in the Vamp Plugin SDK
  • a command-line converter between Piper serialisations
  • a server that makes Vamp plugins available via Piper binary messages with Cap'n Proto serialisation


Manager: Chris Cannam, Lucas Thompson

Recent activity

2017-05-22 08:57 AM Chris Cannam
Revision 219:db929669e7d3: *Ahem* Rebuild for actual capnp v0.6. (Really should find a better way than committing these!)
Also simplify Makefile a bit, remove o directory.
2017-05-09 11:46 AM Chris Cannam
Revision 218:ea8994465322: Rebuild these for capnp v0.6. But it would probably be better at this point not
to commit them, as the main reason they are in the repo is because ...