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This repository shares a dataset including 111 rhythm stimuli and the corresponding perceptual ratings on the strength of syncopation. We also supply our implementation of seven existing syncopation models for reference ...
audio, python, perception, toolkit, dataset, syncopation, rhythmChristopher Harte, Chunyang Song, Marcus Pearce2014-03-202015-05-12
This is a collection of symbolic music in Humdrum/Kern format, mostly scraped from the main KernScores website. A few errors have been corrected (but some remain) and all non-ascii characters are now UTF ...
humdrum, kern, dataset, symbolicAdam Tovell, Daniel Wolff, Emmanouil Benetos, Mathieu Barthet, Nicolas Gold, Samer Abdallah, Steven Hargreaves2015-01-162017-01-10


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