This repository shares a dataset including 111 rhythm stimuli and the corresponding perceptual ratings on the strength of syncopation. We also supply our implementation of seven existing syncopation models for reference.

Related publications

C. Song, C. Harte, M. Pearce, and M. Sandler, “Syncopation and score,” PLoS ONE , vol. 8, no. 9, p. e74692, Sep. 2013.
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C. Song, “Syncopation: Unifying Music Theory and Perception,” PhD thesis, Queen Mary, University of London, 2015.
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C. Song, M. Pearce, and C. Harte, SynPy: a python toolkit for syncopation modelling. Maynooth, Ireland, 2015.
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Manager: Christopher Harte, Chunyang Song, Marcus Pearce
Developer: Fei Sha