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An implementation of several cognitive models of melodic grouping perception.
psychology, lisp, music representation, perception, groupingMarcus Pearce2012-02-022012-02-07
A java program for running behavioural studies of music perception.
java, midi, psychology, perceptionMarcus Pearce2011-11-142013-07-16
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lisp, statistical models, perception, expectationMarcus Pearce2012-02-022020-05-15
An implementation in R of the bottom-up and top-down principles of several variants of the Implication-Realisation model (Narmour, 1990). Designed to work with the output of the IDyOM model ...
perception, r, expectationMarcus Pearce2012-02-132014-02-19
Open perceptual evaluation toolbox. See [1] for more information, and please refer to it if you use this toolbox in your work.
matlab, perception, listeningtest, perceptual, listeningBrecht De Man2014-03-202014-03-20
This repository shares a dataset including 111 rhythm stimuli and the corresponding perceptual ratings on the strength of syncopation. We also supply our implementation of seven existing syncopation models for reference ...
audio, python, perception, toolkit, dataset, syncopation, rhythmChristopher Harte, Chunyang Song, Marcus Pearce2014-03-202015-05-12
This project is focused on the development of subjective listening tests and informative documents allowing individuals to judge their own perception of what are commonly referred to as High Resolution Audio programs ...
perception, Sampling, Bit, Depth, Intermodulation, Distortion, Time, Smear, headphone, Loudspeaker, earphone, Spatial, LocalizationRobert Schulein2015-12-212015-12-21
Accompanying audio demo files for the AES e-brief paper ''Perceptually Motivated Hearing Loss Simulation for Audio Mixing Reference''.
audio, perception, auditory, simulation, aes, hearingloss, demoAngeliki Mourgela2019-08-292019-11-14
This paper proposes the development of a hearing loss simulation for use in audio mix referencing, designed according to psychoacoustic and audiology research findings. The simulation proposed in this paper aims to reproduce four perceptual aspects of hearing loss ...
audio, signal, Processing, hearingloss, psychoacoustics, audiomixing, audioreferencing, audioproductionAngeliki Mourgela2019-10-112019-10-11


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