This project is focused on the development of subjective listening tests and informative documents allowing individuals to judge their own perception of what are commonly referred to as High Resolution Audio programs. Such files are defined as those with sampling rates above 44.1 kHZ and bit depths greater than 16 bits. The tests developments have been broken down into three major areas: dynamic range or bit depth, bandwidth or sampling rate, and in-band artifacts meaning any artifacts that produce spectral artifacts within the audio band of approximately 20hz to 20kHz. As test files and informative documents are developed they will be uploaded to this website. Initial test and documentation have been developed for dynamic range and bandwidth, and were first presented at the 139th AES Convention in New York, NY (2015) as a part of Work Shop W20. It is my hope that these tests will allow a wide variety of individuals to determine those aspects of digital audio recording and reproduction are important to them and those that experience any content that they may create.


Manager: Robert Schulein