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A simple web application for generating and auditioning echoes from objects in a virtual auditory space, using the MATLAB code in the Human Echolocation project.
java, matlab, websiteChris Cannam, Daniel Rowan, Luis Figueira, Timos Papadopoulos2013-11-212014-10-13
Instrument Ontology
Gyorgy Fazekas, Mathieu Barthet, Sefki Kolozali2010-09-212013-02-15
Matthias Mauch2015-01-092015-01-09
Useful classes to perform ringbuffering of audio
Andrew Robertson2014-08-142014-08-14
Vamp plugin that estimates the tuning frequency of a recording, by comparing it to another recording of the same music whose tuning frequency is known.
c++, vamp, tuning, frequencyChris Cannam, Dan Tidhar2015-01-232015-02-05
This is a set of files to analyze MIREX results for structural segmentation task for 2009-2012. If you run it successfully, you should reproduce the exact figures from the 2013 ISMIR article, "A meta-analysis of the MIREX Structural Segmentation task" by Jordan B ...
evaluation, open_research, structure_analysisJordan Smith2013-03-282014-05-06
Audio Event Detection baseline system using NMF (MATLAB).
Dimitrios Giannoulis2013-03-102013-03-13
We received 18 code submissions for our IEEE AASP D-CASE Challenge, from research groups around the world.
Dan Stowell, Dimitrios Giannoulis, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-11-12
An exemplar-based NMF approach for audio event detection
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Jort Gemmeke, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This submission explores Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM) estimated from Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) for acoustic event detection and classification. To limit the impact of silence, a shared background model is used ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
Two algorithms are developed here: The first is based on hidden Markov models (HMMs) and Gaussian mixture models (GMMs). The features that were used include short time Fourier transform, loudness, and spectral sparsity ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This is a contribution to the IEEE AASP Challenge on classification of acoustic scenes. From the 30 second long highly variable recordings, spectral, cepstral, energy and voicing-related audio features are extracted ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Jürgen Geiger, Mark Plumbley2013-11-042013-11-04
We propose a method to effectively embed general objects, like audio samples, into a vectorial feature space, suitable for classification problems. From the practical point of view, the researcher adopting the proposed method is just required to provide two ingredients ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This code uses Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) features for the task of Scene Classification. These features are computed over a thresholded similarity matrix computed from windows of MFCC features ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-11-012013-11-01
This is a skeleton of the home directory for the DML ClioPatria server, containing configuration files, some pre-installed components, and setup scripts.
Adam Tovell, Alex Kachkaev, Daniel Wolff, Emmanouil Benetos, Mathieu Barthet, Samer Abdallah, Tillman Weyde2015-01-182015-02-24
Learning Similarity with RBM Features + Updated CAMIR Code
Daniel Wolff2015-02-102015-02-10
Matlab code for score-informed piano transcription system. Particularly useful for automatic piano tutoring applications. Code accompanies EUSIPCO 2012 paper by E. Benetos, A. Klapuri, and S. Dixon entitled "Score ...
automatic music transcription, score-informed transcription, automatic piano tutoringAnssi Klapuri, Emmanouil Benetos, Simon Dixon2014-11-132014-11-13
Evaluation methods for audio beat tracking algorithms
beat track, matlab, beat, evaluationMatthew Davies2010-12-142013-06-21
Audio examples and source code to recreate the figures and results from the paper:
Matthew Davies, Norberto Degara2010-12-142011-03-21
A simple example showing the use of the jHapticGUI library.
Fiore Martin2015-02-122015-02-13
A library for embedding haptic devices into Java programs
c++, java, haptics, GUI, SwingFiore Martin2015-02-112015-02-16
A simple example showing the use of the jHapticGUI library.
Fiore Martin2015-02-122015-02-13
A program that uses genetic programming techniques to artificially evolve SuperCollider synthesizers towards the ability to emulate a target sound file.
supercollider, synthesisIan Hobson2011-08-252013-06-21
OpenGL (gl,glu,glut) from SWI Prolog.
prolog, openglSamer Abdallah2012-02-162012-02-16
Simple Object-oriented Model of Audition
Nick Clark2011-05-262011-05-30
A test plugin for use by developers working on Vamp plugin hosts.
c++, vamp, plugin, sdk, testChris Cannam, Luis Figueira2013-03-212013-04-30
Various Btrack related projects
Andrew Robertson2011-10-142011-10-14
Precise Onset Detection - does peak picking and gives precise location of onset in a frame of audio. Written as opeFrameworks project using Accelerate framework for FFT
Andrew Robertson2012-09-212012-09-21
Implementations of the layer and view abstractions from Sonic Visualiser, as well as any additional Qt widgets used by SV.
Chris Cannam2010-07-232010-07-26
Vamp plugin website providing a dynamic download page, and also serving the static site and forum through subrepositories.
Chris Cannam2013-12-092014-06-24
Provides Matlab as a computation engine for SWI-Prolog.
matlab, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-132012-01-13
Segmentino is a Vamp plugin for automatic music structural segmentation, based on an algorithm first used in "Mauch et al.'s paper on Using Musical Structure to Enhance Automatic Chord Transcription":http ...
c++, plugin, structural segmentation, vamp pluginChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas, Massimiliano Zanoni, Mathieu Barthet, Matthias Mauch2012-03-282013-12-17
MATLAB code implementing the multiple-template shift-variant non-negative matrix deconvolution algorithm.
matlab, semi-automatic transcription, svnmdmtHolger Kirchhoff2012-06-152012-06-19
Open Sound Control message IO for SWI Prolog
osc, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-102012-01-10

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