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Code provided to allow the reproduction of the results reported in the paper "Analysing Scattering-Based Music Content Analysis Systems: Where's the Music?" by Francisco Rodríguez-Algarra, Bob L. Sturm and Hugo Maruri ...
mir, matlab, Scattering, ISMIR2016Francisco Rodriguez-Algarra2016-05-232016-05-23
Maria Panteli2016-05-192016-05-19
Maria Panteli2016-05-192016-05-19
Pure data patch of Aeolian tone sound effect.
Rod Selfridge2016-05-172016-05-17
Implementations of the layer and view abstractions from Sonic Visualiser, as well as any additional Qt widgets used by SV.
Chris Cannam2010-07-232010-07-26
Knowledge Machine - a system for managing datasets, computations and results.
matlab, prolog, odbcSamer Abdallah2012-01-212012-01-21
Standard MIDI file input for SWI Prolog.
midi, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-172012-01-17
Core library required by all other Prolog packages in this collection.
prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-202012-01-23
This very hacky set of scripts can be used to make a set of static preview pages (with little one-page preview images) of all the papers from a series of conference proceedings.
Chris Cannam2014-05-072014-07-30
Evaluation methods for audio beat tracking algorithms
beat track, matlab, beat, evaluationMatthew Davies2010-12-142013-06-21
Audio examples and source code to recreate the figures and results from the paper:
Matthew Davies, Norberto Degara2010-12-142011-03-21
Toolbox that implements lapped orthogonal transforms, and MDCT as a special instance
matlab, toolbox, transforms, mdct, orthogonalDaniele Barchiesi2011-06-142013-06-21
An implementation of the SIA and SIATEC algorithms which operate on symbolic music data expressed as RDF. Uses OWLIM and Sesame as triple store and reasoner.
java, rdf, mir, owl, owlim, sesame, pattern, discoverySteven Hargreaves2013-07-112013-09-27
A Vamp plugin providing an efficient causal implementation of pitch-chroma audio features approaching timbre invariance, after the paper "Towards timbre-invariant audio features for harmony-based music" by Meinard Müller and Sebastian Ewert ...
c++, vamp, chroma, pitchChris Cannam, Sebastian Ewert2015-08-052015-10-07
A java program for running behavioural studies of music perception.
java, midi, psychology, perceptionMarcus Pearce2011-11-142013-07-16
soundsoftware, tutorials, workshopsChris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-052013-02-05
Material from our Tutorial at the Audio Engineering Society 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio, London, January 2014.
soundsoftware, aesChris Cannam2014-01-262014-01-26
Material for the SoundSoftware / Software Carpentry York 2012 bootcamp Day 3, on audio and music software development. Includes Python example code mirrored from the Codasign repository.
python, soundsoftware, codasign, software carpentryAdam Stark, Becky Stewart, Chris Cannam, Greg Wilson, Luis Figueira, Mark Plumbley, Steve Welburn2012-08-142012-10-03
Proposal and materials for tutorials to be presented at ISMIR 2012 and DAFx 2012.
soundsoftwareChris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Mark Plumbley, Simon Dixon, Steve Welburn2012-03-082013-02-05
Code written during the "live" test-driven development session of our ISMIR 2012 tutorial, "Reusable software and reproducibility in music informatics research".
python, soundsoftwareChris Cannam2012-10-082012-12-07
A pre-prepared repository containing some basic test files and code, made for use during the SoundSoftware ISMIR 2012 tutorial.
python, soundsoftwareChris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2012-10-032013-02-05
SoundSoftware-organised Software Carpentry workshops material for QM C4DM and MAT
python, soundsoftware, software carpentry, workshopBogdan Vera, Chris Cannam, Christian Heinrichs, Luis Figueira, Marcus Pearce, Mi Tian, Steve Welburn2013-02-052015-03-25
Introduction to Audio processing using Python.
Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-112013-02-11
Example code based on Software Carpentry's existing workshop material.
Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-112013-02-11
Arrow-inspired embedded dataflow language for Prolog.
prolog, arrowsSamer Abdallah2012-01-202012-01-20
Midi IO for SWI Prolog on Mac OS X
midi, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-102012-01-10
Material from our Tutorial at the Audio Engineering Society 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio, London, January 2014.
soundsoftware, aesChris Cannam2014-01-262014-01-26
Matthias Mauch's collection of research ideas for students, or future collaborators.
Matthias Mauch2012-07-032012-07-03
Mirror of Jamie Bullock's libxtract -- a simple, portable, lightweight library of audio feature extraction functions.
c++, stable, gpl, feature extraction, library, c, low level features, libxtractChris Cannam, Jamie Bullock2012-07-042012-07-04
A Vamp plugin encapsulating many of the functions of Jamie Bullock's LibXtract library.
c++, stable, vamp, feature extraction, low level features, libxtractChris Cannam, Jamie Bullock2012-07-042012-07-04
Kinect multiple user tracker for Melody Triangle
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-02-242012-02-24
This project contains source code and additional material related to the following review article:
josh reiss, Vesa Valimaki2016-03-142016-05-02
David Ronan2015-07-012016-05-04
Piano transcription using an exponential decay model
Tian Cheng2016-04-132016-04-13
We received 18 code submissions for our IEEE AASP D-CASE Challenge, from research groups around the world.
Dan Stowell, Dimitrios Giannoulis, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-11-12
An exemplar-based NMF approach for audio event detection
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Jort Gemmeke, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This submission explores Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM) estimated from Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) for acoustic event detection and classification. To limit the impact of silence, a shared background model is used ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
Two algorithms are developed here: The first is based on hidden Markov models (HMMs) and Gaussian mixture models (GMMs). The features that were used include short time Fourier transform, loudness, and spectral sparsity ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This is a contribution to the IEEE AASP Challenge on classification of acoustic scenes. From the 30 second long highly variable recordings, spectral, cepstral, energy and voicing-related audio features are extracted ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Jürgen Geiger, Mark Plumbley2013-11-042013-11-04
We propose a method to effectively embed general objects, like audio samples, into a vectorial feature space, suitable for classification problems. From the practical point of view, the researcher adopting the proposed method is just required to provide two ingredients ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This code uses Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) features for the task of Scene Classification. These features are computed over a thresholded similarity matrix computed from windows of MFCC features ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-11-012013-11-01

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