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This code performs automatic music transcription for multiple-instrument music (supporting Western orchestral instruments) using the temporally-constrained model of the below publication. The output is a non ...
Emmanouil Benetos, Tillman Weyde2015-06-232015-06-23
Matthias Mauch2015-01-092015-01-09
Alo Allik, Gyorgy Fazekas2013-02-252013-12-18
Matlab code for score-informed piano transcription system. Particularly useful for automatic piano tutoring applications. Code accompanies EUSIPCO 2012 paper by E. Benetos, A. Klapuri, and S. Dixon entitled "Score ...
automatic music transcription, score-informed transcription, automatic piano tutoringAnssi Klapuri, Emmanouil Benetos, Simon Dixon2014-11-132014-11-13
The Mobile Audio Ontology investigates the ways in which music can be experienced on mobile devices. It allows a definition a multiplicity of mappings between the available controls on mobile devices and parameters of the music itself ...
music, ontology, mobileAlfonso Perez, Florian Thalmann, Gyorgy Fazekas2015-06-242015-06-26
A variation of the Accessible Peak Meter that always sends the sonification to the default sound card.
Fiore Martin2015-06-092015-06-09
Resource of sound synthesis models produced in house for research purposes.
audio, synthesis, simulationDave Moffat, josh reiss2014-11-192015-06-22
The Audio Degradation Toolbox (ADT) consists of Matlab code for the controlled degradation of audio signals, and for the adaptation of ground-truth to the degraded audio. Its main purpose is to test the robustness of audio analysis methods against certain classes of degradations of the audio quality ...
dsp, mir, audioMatthias Mauch, Sebastian Ewert2013-07-172014-06-17
Daniele Barchiesi2013-05-162013-05-16
Simple-minded audio classifier in python (using MFCC and GMM).
python, gmm, mfcc, classifierDan Stowell2012-11-142012-11-14
Example code based on Software Carpentry's existing workshop material.
Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-112013-02-11
Audio examples and source code to recreate the figures and results from the paper:
Matthew Davies, Norberto Degara2010-12-142011-03-21
This project contains the lectures and assignments for the sound recording and production module. A link to related data (mainly Logic projects) will be provided at a later date.
Michael Terrell2013-09-112014-09-02
Converts MIDI data to RDF, using an ontology based on the SIA and SIATEC data model (see references)
rdf, midi, conversionSteven Anthony Hargreaves2014-02-062014-02-06
Segmentino is a Vamp plugin for automatic music structural segmentation, based on an algorithm first used in "Mauch et al.'s paper on Using Musical Structure to Enhance Automatic Chord Transcription":http ...
c++, plugin, structural segmentation, vamp pluginChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas, Massimiliano Zanoni, Mathieu Barthet, Matthias Mauch2012-03-282013-12-17
Collection of foreign libraries in C and C++ for SWI Prolog.
c++, prolog, cSamer Abdallah2012-01-202012-01-21
Support library for implementing 'Chinese restaurant' processes.
prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-202012-01-20
OpenGL (gl,glu,glut) from SWI Prolog.
prolog, openglSamer Abdallah2012-02-162012-02-16
Midi IO for SWI Prolog on Mac OS X
midi, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-102012-01-10
Provides Matlab as a computation engine for SWI-Prolog.
matlab, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-132012-01-13
Open Sound Control message IO for SWI Prolog
osc, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-102012-01-10
Pseudo random generation facilities for SWI Prolog.
prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-172012-01-17
Standard MIDI file input for SWI Prolog.
midi, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-172012-01-17
Random Phrase - support for probabilistic definite clause grammars.
prolog, c, dcgSamer Abdallah2012-01-212012-01-21
This is a set of files to analyze MIREX results for structural segmentation task for 2009-2012. If you run it successfully, you should reproduce the exact figures from the 2013 ISMIR article, "A meta-analysis of the MIREX Structural Segmentation task" by Jordan B ...
evaluation, open_research, structure_analysisJordan Smith2013-03-282014-05-06
Plugin that performed audio fingerprinting and track identification using the no-longer-supported MusicIP OFA library.
c++, vamp, fingerprinting, obsoleteChris Cannam2014-06-192014-06-19
Pre- and post-processing software plus control scripts to improve output from optical-music-recognition (OMR) software by combining information from multiple sources. The system requires individual OMR recognizers to read score image files in TIFF format and to produce output files in MusicXML format ...
OMR, AHRCAlan Marsden, Víctor Padilla2015-05-012015-05-01
Mirror of Dan Stowell's OnsetsDS onset detector library.
c++, c, onsetsChris Cannam, Dan Stowell2012-07-112012-07-11
A Vamp plugin implementation of Dan Stowell's OnsetsDS onset detector.
Chris Cannam, Dan Stowell2012-07-042012-07-11
Standard MIDI file input for SWI Prolog.
midi, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-172012-01-17
Intel of Things project from the Intel IoT hackaton in London 13-14 June 2015.
edison, embedded, iotGiulio Moro2015-06-142015-06-14
The Semantic Player is a cross-platform mobile app based on Ionic and the Web Audio API that plays back Dynamic Music Objects based on Mobile Audio Ontology configurations.
Florian Thalmann2015-06-262015-06-26
Arthur Mingasson, Mathieu Barthet2015-03-312015-03-31
An experimental application for comparative visualisation of structural segmentations of music audio. Requires the SV Libraries code. Not in a useful state.
experimentalChris Cannam2010-07-232010-07-26

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