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Materials for use at the Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School 2015.
Chris Cannam, Christophe Rhodes2015-07-112015-07-11
Matthias Mauch2015-01-092015-01-09
This code performs automatic music transcription for multiple-instrument music (supporting Western orchestral instruments) using the temporally-constrained model of the below publication. The output is a non ...
Emmanouil Benetos, Tillman Weyde2015-06-232015-06-23
The Audio Degradation Toolbox (ADT) consists of Matlab code for the controlled degradation of audio signals, and for the adaptation of ground-truth to the degraded audio. Its main purpose is to test the robustness of audio analysis methods against certain classes of degradations of the audio quality ...
dsp, mir, audioMatthias Mauch, Sebastian Ewert2013-07-172014-06-17
Emmanouil Benetos2015-07-102015-07-10
Crude pre-processing to flatten out the RMS level of a signal. Like a slow, unmusical dynamic compressor. Implemented as a LADSPA plugin in C++, works in real time, so has significant lag. A possible alternative to other normalisation techniques for pre ...
ladspa, dynamicsChris Cannam2014-07-172014-07-17
This is a self contained but overly simplistic demo to show how to create a web based app or service using the cherrypy library in Python.
web service python cherrypyGyorgy Fazekas2012-11-222012-11-22
MATCH, the Music Alignment Tool CHest, performs alignment of audio files using the on-line time warping (OLTW) algorithm.
stable, java, gpl, alignment, dtwBogdan Vera, Chris Cannam, Simon Dixon2010-10-052010-10-05
A Vamp plugin implementation of the MATCH audio alignment algorithm.
c++, stable, vamp, alignment, dtwChris Cannam, Simon Dixon2010-10-062011-01-24
A straightforward cepstral pitch- and note-tracker Vamp plugin, probably most suited to tracking singing pitch. See also Simple Cepstrum.
c++, vamp, cepstrum, pitch track, note trackChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch2012-07-192012-12-07
Analyses drum timing variations
Andrew Robertson2012-10-012012-10-01
Code and annotated data accompanying the paper "Analysis of Intonation Trajectories in Solo Singing" by Dai, Mauch, Dixon.
intonation, singingJiajie Dai, Matthias Mauch, Simon Dixon2015-07-142015-07-18
An experimental build of Sonic Visualiser with MPEG IMAF file format support.
Chris Cannam, Panos Kudumakis2013-12-112013-12-13
A simple Vamp plugin to calculate and return cepstrum values from DFT bins. Useful as a preliminary tool for looking at cepstral data for simple pitch or envelope methods. See also "Cepstral Pitch Tracker" ...
c++, vamp, cepstrum, pitch track, envelopeChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch2012-06-222012-07-19
A program for use by Vamp plugin developers, to carry out various tests on plugins to help prepare them for release.
c++, vamp, plugin, bsd, testing, testChris Cannam2011-01-062011-01-06
A C++ library and Vamp plugin implementing the Constant-Q transform of a time-domain signal.
c++, vamp, bsd, constantq, cqtAnssi Klapuri, Chris Cannam, Emmanouil Benetos, Luis Figueira2013-05-172014-07-18
Peak level meters, along with other components which rely on the sense of sight for their use, are inherently inaccessible to people living visual impairments. Our AccessiblePeakMeter is the first plug ...
c++, vst, accessibility, sonificationFiore Martin2015-06-042015-06-08
A variation of the Accessible Peak Meter that always sends the sonification to the default sound card.
Fiore Martin2015-06-092015-06-09
Matlab code for score-informed piano transcription system. Particularly useful for automatic piano tutoring applications. Code accompanies EUSIPCO 2012 paper by E. Benetos, A. Klapuri, and S. Dixon entitled "Score ...
automatic music transcription, score-informed transcription, automatic piano tutoringAnssi Klapuri, Emmanouil Benetos, Simon Dixon2014-11-132014-11-13
Miscellaneous documentation files for Vamp and the Vamp plugin SDK.
vamp, plugin, host, documentation, docsChris Cannam2011-10-042011-10-04
We propose a method to effectively embed general objects, like audio samples, into a vectorial feature space, suitable for classification problems. From the practical point of view, the researcher adopting the proposed method is just required to provide two ingredients ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
A simple web application for generating and auditioning echoes from objects in a virtual auditory space, using the MATLAB code in the Human Echolocation project.
java, matlab, websiteChris Cannam, Daniel Rowan, Luis Figueira, Timos Papadopoulos2013-11-212014-10-13
Daniele Barchiesi2013-05-162013-05-16
Repository for the BeatComber~ MaxMSP object, developed from the Comb Filter Matrix Beat Tracker code, described in ICMC 2011 paper
Andrew Robertson2012-10-222012-10-22
A test plugin for use by developers working on Vamp plugin hosts.
c++, vamp, plugin, sdk, testChris Cannam, Luis Figueira2013-03-212013-04-30
Source code for sonic zoom on iOS. Includes subproject of associated event logging server.
Robert Tubb2012-11-192013-02-28
Example code based on Software Carpentry's existing workshop material.
Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2013-02-112013-02-11

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