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Small program to check whether a named set of plugin libraries (typically Vamp plugins, but also LADSPA or DSSI) can be loaded.
Chris Cannam2016-04-062017-01-09
A Juce-based plugin that allows to send and receive audio and sensor data over a UDP connection. Designed as a complement to the Scope project in BeagleRT
Andrew McPherson, Giulio Moro2015-06-082017-05-04
A VST plugin + BeagleRT module to (try to) achieve media clock synchronization between a host and a BBB. Useful in combination with the UdpIoPlugin, which sends audio and sensor data over the network. ...
Andrew McPherson, Giulio Moro2015-09-082015-09-08
Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning evaluation toolbox
matlab, toolbox, sparse, smallboxChris Cannam, Daniele Barchiesi, Luis Figueira, Maria Jafari2011-03-232011-04-11
Journal paper about incoherent dictionary learning using iterative projections and rotations
smallboxDaniele Barchiesi, Luis Figueira2011-11-102012-02-07
Useful classes to perform ringbuffering of audio
Andrew Robertson2014-08-142014-08-14
A collection of models for auditory processing
auditoryNick Clark, Roy Patterson, Stefan Bleeck, Thomas Walters2011-05-202013-06-21
The auditory image model is intended to simulate all of the auditory processing required to convert a sound into your initial perception of that sound, that is, your auditory image of the sound.
auditoryEtienne Gaudrain, Roy Patterson, Stefan Bleeck, Thomas Walters2011-01-262013-06-21
The Auditory Image Model in C++. AIM-Cis a real time version of the auditory image model written in C that is suitable for batch processing of sound databases. The AIM-MAT tutorial ...
c++, auditoryRoy Patterson, Thomas Walters2010-12-212013-06-21
AIM-MAT is the implementation of the auditory image model in MATLAB. It has a GUI that allows you to investigate auditory processing stage by stage. There is a tutorial ...
Etienne Gaudrain, Roy Patterson, Stefan Bleeck, Thomas Walters2011-05-202011-07-02
UNMAINTAINED version of the auditory image model from 1992.
Roy Patterson, Thomas Walters2011-05-202011-05-20
MATLAB model of the auditory periphery
Nick Clark, Stefan Bleeck, Thomas Walters2011-05-202011-05-20
In auditory signal processing research, we are often interested in algorithms that modify audible sounds, for example to increase speech intelligibility. Oftentimes, it is interesting and sufficient in an experiment to process such sounds offline and play them back to participants at a later stage ...
matlab, real-time, simulinkStefan Bleeck2015-12-212015-12-21
Simple Object-oriented Model of Audition
Nick Clark2011-05-262011-05-30
A pre-prepared repository containing some basic test files and code, made for use during the SoundSoftware ISMIR 2012 tutorial.
python, soundsoftwareChris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Steve Welburn2012-10-032013-02-05
A screen based UI for the information dynamics engine.
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-01-232012-01-23
This code performs automatic music transcription of both pitched and unpitched sounds. The present demo includes a .wav file ("Take Five") as an example taken from the TRIOS dataset. It also includes sets of instrument templates computed using recordings from the RWC database ...
transcription, automatic music transcription, drum transcription, polyphonic music transcriptionEmmanouil Benetos2014-02-212015-08-13
Di Sheng2017-09-212017-09-21
Singing with other singers is a common scene in practical performance and it is very hard to keep in tune. The aim of this research is to find an evidence of the interaction in SATB ensemble which makes a comparison of intonation accuracy of individual singers and collaborative ensembles ...
Jiajie Dai, Simon Dixon2017-04-202019-01-09
Advanced Musical Score Encoding
lisp, music representationMarcus Pearce2012-02-062012-02-13
Advanced Musical Score Encoding
lisp, music representationJamie Forth, Marcus Pearce2012-02-022013-04-13
Mathematical Investigation of Pitch Systems
lisp, music representationMarcus Pearce2012-02-022012-02-07
A program that listens to live audio, runs one or more Vamp audio feature extraction plugins on that incoming audio, and causes a configurable set of events to occur in close to real-time based on the features extracted from it ...
alpha, vamp, liveChris Cannam2013-12-032013-12-03
A set of LADSPA plugins and a C++ library for preprocessing audio in various simple ways that may be useful prior to feature estimation.
c++, plugin, ladspa, envelope, dynamics, preprocess, whiten, denoiseChris Cannam2015-01-062015-04-28
Matthias Mauch2015-01-092015-01-09
python, tracking, markov, polyphonic, multisourceDan Stowell2013-06-072013-06-07
Dave Moffat2017-12-072017-12-07
These are some Matlab tools for statistical signal processing and other general things.
matlabSamer Abdallah2012-12-192013-06-21
A MATLAB reference implementation of a computationally efficient method for computing the constant-Q transform (CQT) of a time-domain signal.
matlab, constantq, cqtAnssi Klapuri, Chris Cannam2013-05-172013-05-17
Bibtex documents listing C4DM publications.
bibtex, c4dm, publicationsChris Cannam, Dan Stowell, Magdalena Chudy, Mark Plumbley2012-07-262012-07-26
Vamp plugin builds submitted to the MIREX evaluation in 2013 and subsequent years.
evaluation, mirexChris Cannam, Luis Figueira, Matthias Mauch, Siddharth Sigtia2013-08-132014-09-03
csv2wav is a simple standalone application to convert CSV text data into a WAV file. The data are automatically rescaled according to the specifications of the WAV format and can also be resampled.
Mathieu Barthet2011-06-202011-06-22
We propose a method to effectively embed general objects, like audio samples, into a vectorial feature space, suitable for classification problems. From the practical point of view, the researcher adopting the proposed method is just required to provide two ingredients ...
Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley2013-10-112013-10-11
This code performs automatic music transcription for multiple-instrument music (supporting Western orchestral instruments) using the temporally-constrained model of the below publication. The output is a non ...
Emmanouil Benetos, Tillman Weyde2015-06-232015-06-23
A VST plugin to decode a first order Ambisonics signal (e.g. SoundField type microphone) to virtual microphone's over 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 speaker layouts.
Martin James Morrell2012-08-142013-12-16

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