Giulio Moro

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Research description

PhD, C4DM, Queen Mary University


Queen Mary, University of London



Reported issues: 134


01:42 AM Bela Bug #1636 (Closed): SIGXCPU when running a project with analogue disabled


08:55 PM Bela Bug #1687 (Closed): gdb and BeagleRT_scheduleAuxiliaryTask
08:45 PM Bela Bug #1686 (Closed): gdb version does not match gcc-4.9 on the testing image
fixed in the v0.1 image
08:45 PM Bela Feature #1533 (Closed): Mount filesystem (or part of it) as read-only, to avoid file corruption w...
Not sure this is really needed.
It seems that it is most important to call `sync` before abruptly pulling the plug
08:43 PM Bela Feature #1524 (Closed): Allow command line parameters to be defaulted or overridden in setup()
we'd actually need an init() (pre-setup) function to requeste the values, so that the BelaContext passed to setup() w...
08:41 PM Bela Feature #1380 (Closed): Add debug mode to Makefile when building on board
This was done ages ago
08:40 PM Bela Feature #1375 (Closed): Allow AuxiliaryTask to run in a linux phtread
actually, it is probably better to keep them as xenomai threads, so that they obey to the xenomai scheduler. Once the...
08:38 PM Bela Bug #1333 (Closed): rt_printf and audio glitches
Just keep in mind that CPU time is finite and printing takes time, regardless of the fact that it is handled by xenom...
08:37 PM Bela Feature #1369 (Closed): Add gdb to the next BBB linux image
08:36 PM Bela Bug #1219 (Closed): Process is not interrupted by ctrl-c with long usleep in while(!gShouldStop)

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