The main page of this project is now at https://github.com/BrechtDeMan/WebAudioEvaluationTool (git repository, wiki documentation and public issue tracker). This page still contains an up to date Mercurial repository.

A tool based on the HTML5 Web Audio API to perform perceptual audio evaluation tests locally or on remote machines over the web.

Main features:
  • Intuitive, flexible, works out of the box
  • Browser-based, OS-independent, no third party software required
  • Wide range of highly customisable interfaces included
  • Remote tests possible
  • Complete test setup through GUI (HTML page): no programming required
  • Configuration and result files stored as XML
  • Immediate diagnostics and results analysis in browser

If you are using any part of this toolbox in your work, please cite this paper:

Nicholas Jillings, Brecht De Man, David Moffat and Joshua D. Reiss, "Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A Browser-Based Listening Test Environment," 12th Sound and Music Computing Conference, July 2015.

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Related publications

N. Jillings, B. De Man, D. Moffat, J. D. Reiss and R. Stables, “Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A framework for subjective assessment of audio”, in 2nd Web Audio Conference, 2016.
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N. Jillings, B. D. Man, D. Moffat and J. D. Reiss, “Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A Browser-based Listening Test Environment”, in 12th Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2015.
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N. Jillings, B. D. Man, D. Moffat, J. D. Reiss and R. Stables, “Subjective comparison of music production practices using the Web Audio Evaluation Tool”, in In Proc. 2nd AES Workshop on Intelligent Music Production, 2016.
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