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Bela (formerly known as BeagleRT) is a hard-real-time, ultra-low latency audio and sensor environment for BeagleBone Black, which works with the BeagleBone Audio Cape or a custom "D-Box Cape" which incorporates stereo audio with in addition 8x, 16-bit, audio-rate analog inputs and outputs. It is based on the Xenomai real-time Linux extensions (http://xenomai.org) and uses the BeagleBone PRU subsystem to address the audio and sensor hardware.

Bela has gone through a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2016: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/423153472/bela-an-embedded-platform-for-low-latency-interact

Bela is the basis for the D-Box hackable musical instrument.

This repository can be used either with the on-board IDE, or a set of shell scripts used to build the project on the board, or using the Eclipse IDE and the gcc-armhf toolchain. The Bela environment builds on the TI PRUSS library (http://elinux.org/Ti_AM33XX_PRUSSv2); some examples also use the ProjectNe10 library by ARM (http://projectne10.github.io/Ne10/), the header files for which must be installed for those examples to compile.

This code was developed at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London by Andrew McPherson, Victor Zappi and Giulio Moro. The code is available under an LGPL license, and the hardware designs are available under a CC BY-SA license. The project has been supported by EPSRC grants EP/K032046/1 ("Hackable Instruments") and EP/K009559/1 (C4DM Platform Grant).

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V. Zappi, A. P. McPherson, and A. P. McPherson, “Dimensionality and Appropriation in Digital Musical Instrument Design,” in Proc. New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2014.
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V. Zappi and A. P. McPherson, “Design and Use of a Hackable Digital Instrument,” in Proc. Live Interfaces, 2014.
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A. McPherson and V. Zappi, “An Environment for Submillisecond-Latency Audio and Sensor Processing on BeagleBone Black,” in Audio Engineering Society 138th Convention, 2015.
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Manager: Andrew McPherson, Giulio Moro