Luis Figueira

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Research description

Software Developer in the SoundSoftware Project.


Queen Mary, University of London


Publications (3)

Chris Cannam, Luís A. Figueira, Mark D. Plumbley. Sound Software: Towards Software Reuse in Audio and Music Research  (2012)
Luís A. Figueira, Chris Cannam, Mark D. Plumbley. Software Techniques for Good Practice in Audio and Music Research  (2013)
Chris Cannam, Matthias Mauch, Matthew E. P. Davies, Dixon, Simon, Christian Landone, Katy C. Noland, Mark Levy, Massimiliano Zanoni, Dan Stowell, Luís A. Figueira. MIREX 2013 Entry: Vamp Plugins from the Centre for Digital Music  (2013)


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