A project for managing technical aspects of the SoundSoftware.ac.uk code project site -- that is, this site.

This is the place to report any problems with, or suggest any improvements to, the code.soundsoftware.ac.uk website.

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C. Cannam, L. A. Figueira, and M. D. Plumbley, “Sound Software: Towards Software Reuse in Audio and Music Research,” in Proceedings of the IEEE 2012 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2012), 2012, pp. 2745–2748.
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Latest news

2017-08-30 04:40 PM We're running on a new server
Earlier performance problems have finally been properly resolved; our apologies for the time it has taken.
2017-08-04 03:33 PM Ongoing problems with site responsiveness
Following a recent network and power outage, this site is currently running far more slowly and less reliably than it has been and should be. We're sorry for this, and are working on a thorough fix. We thank you for your patience.
2016-10-16 04:24 PM Repository and file download availability restored
Code repositories and file downloads from this site are available again following an earlier network switch failure.
2016-05-06 10:27 AM Today's outage
SoundSoftware services were unavailable overnight due to a cooling failure at the hosting site. The services are now available again; we apologise for the unexpected outage.
2016-01-20 03:29 PM Read-only Git mirror of public repositories now available
The SoundSoftware code site uses Mercurial as its native version control system. To make it easier to get on with systems that use Git instead, we're adding a read-only Git interface for the public projects on the site.

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