The standard Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing Vamp plugins and hosts in C or C++.

Test your plugins with the Vamp Plugin Tester.
Test your hosts with the Vamp Test Plugin.

Want to write plugins in Python? You need VamPy.
Vamp plugins in your Java program? See jVamp.


Manager: Chris Cannam
Developer: Luis Figueira

Recent activity

2019-11-12 05:02 PM Chris Cannam
vamp-plugin-sdk-2.9.0-binaries-win64-msvc2017.zip Vamp plugin SDK - Win64 (MSVC2017) binaries
2019-11-12 05:02 PM Chris Cannam
vamp-example-plugins-2.9.0-win64.zip Vamp example plugins - Win64
2019-11-12 02:34 PM Chris Cannam
vamp-plugin-sdk-2.9.0-binaries-macos.tar.gz Vamp plugin SDK - Libraries and executable files - macOS 10.7+ (64-bit)
2019-11-12 02:34 PM Chris Cannam
vamp-example-plugins-2.9.0-macos.tar.gz Vamp example plugins - macOS 10.7+ (64-bit)
2019-11-12 02:24 PM Chris Cannam
vamp-example-plugins-2.9.0-amd64-linux.tar.gz Vamp example plugins - Linux (64-bit)