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Static pages of the website.
vamp, html, websiteChris Cannam2012-07-112014-06-24
Vamp plugin website providing a dynamic download page, and also serving the static site and forum through subrepositories.
Chris Cannam2013-12-092014-06-24
The Sonic Visualiser website.
html, websiteChris Cannam2012-07-122012-07-12
Developing a Reproducible Research repository to contain associations of experimental results with external code and data.
soundsoftware, website, rrrCarl Bussey, Chris Cannam, Daniele Barchiesi, Luis Figueira, Mark Plumbley, Steve Welburn, Tim Kay2012-09-192013-11-12
A simple web application for generating and auditioning echoes from objects in a virtual auditory space, using the MATLAB code in the Human Echolocation project.
java, matlab, websiteChris Cannam, Daniel Rowan, Luis Figueira, Timos Papadopoulos2013-11-212014-10-13
This is the documentation for producing a backup of the Audio Mostly Website
website, documentation, docs, backup, web, audiomostlyDave Moffat2018-03-142018-03-14


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