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 CBeatSpectrumGiven a matrix of "feature values", calculate a self-similarity vector
 CDecimatorDecimator carries out a fast downsample by a power-of-two factor
 CDecimatorBDecimatorB carries out a fast downsample by a power-of-two factor
 CDownBeatThis class takes an input audio signal and a sequence of beat locations (calculated e.g
 CFiltFiltZero-phase digital filter, implemented by processing the data through a filter specified by the given filter parameters (see Filter) and then processing it again in reverse
 CKaiserWindowKaiser window: A windower whose bandwidth and sidelobe height (signal-noise ratio) can be specified
 CKLDivergenceHelper methods for calculating Kullback-Leibler divergences
 CMathUtilitiesStatic helper functions for simple mathematical calculations
 CPitchConvert between musical pitch (i.e
 CResamplerResampler resamples a stream from one integer sample rate to another (arbitrary) rate, using a kaiser-windowed sinc filter
 CSincWindowA window containing values of the sinc function, i.e
 CTempoTrackV2!! Question: how far is this actually sample rate dependent? I
 CWindowVarious shaped windows for sample frame conditioning, including cosine windows (Hann etc) and triangular and rectangular windows