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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1999Tony: a tool for melody transcriptionFeatureNewNormalImport pitchtrack without any audio2020-07-23 09:48 PM
1997pYIN — pitch and note tracking in monophonic audioBugNewNormalPossible bug in probability normalization2020-08-20 09:42 AM
1996Sonic LineupBugNewNormalNot handling correctly the case of a long track + a shorter subtrack (or more than one)2020-06-30 05:52 PM
1995Sonic LineupFeatureNewNormalSupport subsequence alignment, for tracks that correspond to parts of other tracks2020-06-30 05:49 PM
1994Sonic LineupBugNewNormalAre we doing all we can to report causes of external alignment program failures?2020-06-30 05:35 PM
1993Sonic LineupBugNewNormalMac build environment has started producing improperly-signed plugins2020-06-30 12:19 PM
1992Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalOSC quit command does not exit SV on the Mac2020-06-17 01:16 PM
1987Sonic AnnotatorFeatureNewNormalCreate Homebrew Formulae for Sonic Annotator2020-06-02 09:41 AM
1985Sonic LineupBugNewNormalReopening audio files from prior run happens (slowly) before UI is visible2020-05-06 09:01 AM
1984Sonic LineupBugNewNormalUI unresponsive for too long on startup, if started with several audio files2020-05-01 04:49 PM
1983Sonic LineupBugNewNormalVertical spacing unsuitable for large number of tracks2020-05-01 04:41 PM
1979Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalSVL export does not export Colour 3D Plot data2020-04-21 09:09 AM
1976Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalNo useful information when configure request fails2020-03-17 10:54 AM
1975Sonic AnnotatorFeatureNewNormalsave as svg, as in sonic-visualiser via command line?2020-03-01 02:50 PM
1968Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalLayer-exports test is fragile2020-01-14 03:21 PM
1965Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalProblems pasting note events2020-01-08 03:10 PM
1963Tony: a tool for melody transcriptionBugResolvedUrgentNote numbering broken in v2.12019-11-22 02:13 PM
1962Tony: a tool for melody transcriptionBugNewNormalShould refuse to open annotation files2019-11-22 01:52 PM
1961Sonic VisualiserFeatureNewNormalFigure out what to do about units when importing values from CSV2019-10-31 02:37 PM
1958Sonic LineupBugNewNormal"Zoom to Fit" doesn't quite zoom to fit2019-10-23 11:34 AM
1955Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalWaveform scale labels overlap in meter/db modes2019-10-16 10:45 AM
1953Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalWrong layer used for feature highlight when top layer is dormant2019-10-16 09:39 AM
1950Sonic VisualiserFeatureNewNormalAdd Frequency as CSV column type option2019-10-14 12:51 PM
1949Sonic VisualiserBugNewNormalLayer synchronisation not working in Edit Layer Data dialog2019-10-15 09:31 AM
1944Sonic VisualiserBugNewHighBox layer not inheriting unit from time-value layer2019-10-14 11:23 AM

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