A batch tool for feature extraction and annotation of audio files using Vamp plugins.

Sonic Annotator can use any installed Vamp plugin to process a wide range of audio file types, loading audio data either from the local filesystem or from http or ftp URLs on the Internet. It can then write the results in RDF or comma-separated text formats.

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C. Cannam, M. O. Jewell, C. Rhodes, M. Sandler and M. d'Inverno, “Linked Data And You: Bringing music research software into the Semantic Web”, Journal of New Music Research, vol. 39, no. 4, 313-325, 2010.
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Manager: Alo Allik, Chris Cannam
Developer: Gyorgy Fazekas

Recent activity

2017-05-25 03:34 PM Chris Cannam
sonic-annotator_1.5_amd64.deb Sonic Annotator v1.5, 64-bit Linux package for Ubuntu 16.04
2017-05-25 03:07 PM Chris Cannam
sonic-annotator-1.5.tar.gz Sonic Annotator v1.5, source code
2017-05-25 03:01 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 302:1e6cee321cc0: Added tag sonic-annotator-1.5 for changeset 929e37acf0d9
2017-05-25 02:30 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 301:929e37acf0d9: Reorder to reduce number of reinstalled things when version is updated
2017-05-25 02:17 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 300:7dd6795af5e6: Start updating build stuff for 1.5