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Mirror of Dan Stowell's OnsetsDS onset detector library.
c++, c, onsetsChris Cannam, Dan Stowell2012-07-112012-07-11
A Vamp plugin implementation of Dan Stowell's OnsetsDS onset detector.
Chris Cannam, Dan Stowell2012-07-042012-07-11
A straightforward cepstral pitch- and note-tracker Vamp plugin, probably most suited to tracking singing pitch. See also Simple Cepstrum.
c++, vamp, cepstrum, pitch track, note trackChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch2012-07-192012-12-07
iPad app that enables navigating through the entire parameter space of a synthesiser (or indeed anything else). Currently limited to 10 dimensions.
c++, ipad, ios, openframeworksRobert Tubb2012-10-092012-10-09
Source code for sonic zoom on iOS. Includes subproject of associated event logging server.
Robert Tubb2012-11-192013-02-28
A Python module and native-code extension permitting Python programs to load and run Vamp plugins.
c++, vamp, bsd, pythonChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas2012-10-222015-06-24
A test plugin for use by developers working on Vamp plugin hosts.
c++, vamp, plugin, sdk, testChris Cannam, Luis Figueira2013-03-212013-04-30
A C++ library and Vamp plugin implementing the Constant-Q transform of a time-domain signal.
c++, vamp, bsd, constantq, cqtAnssi Klapuri, Chris Cannam, Emmanouil Benetos, Luis Figueira2013-05-172014-07-18
Front-end application developed by the EASAIER project in 2008 for access and retrieval from sound libraries.
c++, qt, easaierChris Cannam, josh reiss2013-05-242013-05-24
Segmentino is a Vamp plugin for automatic music structural segmentation, based on an algorithm first used in "Mauch et al.'s paper on Using Musical Structure to Enhance Automatic Chord Transcription":http ...
c++, plugin, structural segmentation, vamp pluginChris Cannam, Gyorgy Fazekas, Matthias Mauch2012-03-282013-12-17
The Calcium Signal Analyser is a Vamp plugin for the detection and characterization of transients in noisy signals. It is adapted for the analysis of calcium signals measured on zebrafish living embryos using confocal microscopy ...
c++, vamp, plugin, fish, bioacoustics, calciumMathieu Barthet2010-11-042013-06-21
csv2wav is a simple standalone application to convert CSV text data into a WAV file. The data are automatically rescaled according to the specifications of the WAV format and can also be resampled.
Mathieu Barthet2011-06-202011-06-22
A Vamp plugin for birdsong segmentation
c++, vamp, plugin, birdsongDan Stowell2010-10-012013-06-21
The Auditory Image Model in C++. AIM-Cis a real time version of the auditory image model written in C that is suitable for batch processing of sound databases. The AIM-MAT tutorial ...
c++, auditoryRoy Patterson, Thomas Walters2010-12-212013-06-21
CAMEL (Content-based Audio and Music Extraction Library) is an easy-to-use C++ framework developed for content-based audio and music analysis. The framework provides a set of tools for easy Segmentation ...
c++, feature extraction, mir, library, frameworkChad Befus2011-01-092013-06-21
Compare a few different C++ implementations of audio-rate signal decimation for relative speed and quality. "Decimation" refers here to downsampling a signal by an integer factor N; we only consider the case where N is a power of two ...
c++, dsp, decimation, resamplingChris Cannam2013-09-192013-10-21
pYIN (Probabilistic YIN) is a modification of the well-loved YIN algorithm for fundamental frequency (F0) estimation in monophonic audio. This plugin's main features are
c++, vamp, pitch track, note track, yinChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch, Simon Dixon2013-11-042015-04-23
BTrack is a causal beat tracking algorithm intended for real-time use. It is implemented in C++ with wrappers for Python and the Vamp plug-in framework.
c++, beat track, python, vamp pluginAdam Stark2014-01-212014-07-08
Silvet, or Shift-Invariant Latent Variable Transcription, is a Vamp plugin for polyphonic music transcription (from audio to note times and pitches).
c++, vamp, transcriptionChris Cannam, Emmanouil Benetos2014-02-132014-10-13
A Vamp plugin that produces a spectrogram from only the low-frequency content of a signal.
c++, vamp, spectrogram, low-frequency, infrasoundChris Cannam2014-03-032014-09-10
Simple Vamp plugin that returns the peak frequency within a given frequency range, from a harmonic product spectrum.
c++, vamp, harmonicspectrum, hpsChris Cannam, Matthias Mauch2014-03-072014-03-07
Plugin that performed audio fingerprinting and track identification using the no-longer-supported MusicIP OFA library.
c++, vamp, fingerprinting, obsoleteChris Cannam2014-06-192014-06-19
A Vamp plugin implementation of the tempogram and cyclic tempogram features described in Grosche, Müller, and Kurth 2010, providing a robust mid-level representation that encodes local tempo information ...
c++, vamp, tempo, rhythm, tempogramCarl Bussey, Chris Cannam, Mark Plumbley2014-09-042015-01-06
A set of LADSPA plugins and a C++ library for preprocessing audio in various simple ways that may be useful prior to feature estimation.
c++, plugin, ladspa, envelope, dynamics, preprocess, whiten, denoiseChris Cannam2015-01-062015-04-28
Vamp plugin that estimates the tuning frequency of a recording, by comparing it to another recording of the same music whose tuning frequency is known.
c++, vamp, tuning, frequencyChris Cannam, Dan Tidhar2015-01-232015-02-05
A library for embedding haptic devices into Java programs.
c++, java, haptics, GUI, SwingFiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns2015-02-112015-03-17
A simple example showing the use of the jHapticGUI library.
Fiore Martin2015-02-122015-02-13
Peak level meters, along with other components which rely on the sense of sight for their use, are inherently inaccessible to people living visual impairments. Our AccessiblePeakMeter is the first plug ...
c++, vst, accessibility, sonificationFiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns2015-06-042016-01-27
A variation of the Accessible Peak Meter that always sends the sonification to the default sound card.
Fiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns2015-06-092015-06-09
A C++ Vamp plugin providing an efficient causal implementation of pitch-chroma audio features approaching timbre invariance, after the paper "Towards timbre-invariant audio features for harmony-based music" by Meinard Müller and Sebastian Ewert ...
c++, vamp, chroma, pitchChris Cannam, Sebastian Ewert2015-08-052016-05-26

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