A straightforward cepstral pitch- and note-tracker Vamp plugin, probably most suited to tracking singing pitch. See also Simple Cepstrum.

This project also serves as a small illustrative example for unit testing in audio research software. It has fairly thorough test coverage; see the test directory in the source tree for details.

Related publications

C. Cannam, “Unit testing: An audio research example”. 2012.
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C. Cannam, M. Mauch, M. E. P. Davies, S. Dixon, C. Landone, K. C. Noland, M. Levy, M. Zanoni, D. Stowell and L. A. Figueira, “MIREX 2013 Entry: Vamp Plugins from the Centre for Digital Music”. 2013.
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Manager: Chris Cannam, Matthias Mauch

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