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Luis Figueira, 2011-07-27 05:13 PM
Added a paragraph explaining the main idea supporting this module

Bibliography Plugin Documentation

We're developing a Plugin to manage project's and user's bibliographical entries. In the issue tracker it is named feature_36.

Objective and Philosophy

Projects hosted on are usually associated with academic publications (papers, articles, etc). These often offer a strong theoretical background to the code that's being hosted on this site, and many times are the only way users can understand what's happening under the hood for a specific project. On the other hand many researchers are now adopting a "reproducible research" philosophy, in which they not only publish the paper/article itself, but also the code and/or data that supports such publication.

The main idea behind this module is to be able to provide a service that ties both features together, making it easy for researchers to make their source code and publications available on the same platform.

Plugin Architecture






Model that "ties" the authors and publications models together. It contains relation-specific information:

  • name_on_paper: author's name on that specific publication;
  • order: author's order in that publication;
  • institution: author's institution when the publication was published;
  • email: author's email on that specific publication.


NOTE: upload the class UML.

Tying it all togheter

This is the complete documentation used to create the plugin:


There should be two main ways to browse publications:

  1. General
  2. Project

General Publications View

All the publications published in the website.

Project Publications View

All the publications related to a specific project.

My Publications

In the My Page, there should be a "box" with a list of all the publications added by the user and/or publications where the user is an author