Bibliography Ongoing Review Notes

(20110627, rev 9867ed78c4c1)

  • Logged in to test site
  • Navigated to project I manage (Weevilmatic) -- observed no Bibliography link by default
  • Switched on bibliography in settings -- observed link appeared
  • Navigated to Bibliography
  • Used Add Publication
  • Entered title, first author name, institution
  • Used Add Another Author to add another couple of authors
  • Tried Add Me As Author: AJAX error Missing template publications/_authorships_fields.erb
  • Saved changes: success (despite error still visible on page)
  • Navigated to Bibliography: publication now listed
  • Clicked on publication: details shown correctly
  • Clicked on Edit: 404 shown (for /cannam/publications/1/edit)
  • Clicked on View All: 404 shown (for /cannam/publications)
  • Clicked on Destroy: Javascript confirmation shown, I cancelled it (wanted to test something else first)
  • Typed some text into the Add Project field at right: project (Beetroot) successfully found by text search
  • Selected project, clicked Add: both projects now shown at right
  • Clicked through to the second project
  • Noted that the publication is now associated with this project and is displayed as such on the project's front page even though the project does not have the Bibliography module enabled (and consequently has no Bibliography nav link)
  • Clicking on the publication in this project displays the publication Show page, with the correct project's header
  • Clicked on Destroy: Javascript confirmation shown, I confirmed it: 404 shown (for /cannam/publications/1)


  • Adding a publication to a project appears to work, the workflow "feels" roughly right (of course the details will need tidying)
  • Associating authors with users (including "me") is not possible yet
  • There is no way to view a publication outside a project scope (no overall list of publications)
  • Anyone can add a publication to any project, by "adding the project" to the existing publication -- you don't have to be a member of the added project and the project doesn't have to have Bibliography enabled to do this (probably needs some careful thought here)
  • Actions associated with publication show page (Edit, Destroy, View All) don't work yet (do we want a link to destroy a publication completely, or only to disassociate it from this project? Or both, in different places? We certainly don't want to make it too easy to destroy a publication that is associated with other people's projects)