Package Description
This package contains the core data of the program.
An implementation of the sound engine that uses the Beads library ( This package contains the classes that handle sound intended as content: like playing back a sound files with automations applied, scanning through the wave etc.
The part of the sound engine that concerns the sonification.
This package contains all the classes that make up the GUI of the Cross Modal DAW prototype.
This package contains all the actions on the The actions are grouped into different files just to avoid having a unique gigantic file with all the actions.
This package contains Java classes that handle the haptic device Note that the jHapticGUI library ( is used.
This package was added later for the sonification of the automations based on haptic grid with reference.
This package contains classes that abstract DAW entities, such as automations and sequences of wave peak points, into more general interfaces that can be reused in other context.