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Provide link to the latest code release for the project web page

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I need to provide the zip of the latest release of the software to be added to the project webpage. With the options I have now I can either send them the zip to put on the webpage, to provide them with the link to the zip file on code.soundsoftware.ac.uk, or to provide them the link to the download page of the project on code.soundsoftware.ac.uk. With options 1 and 2, I need to provide them with new zip or link every time I have a new release. With option 3, download is not automatic and a user needs first to visit the download page and then to choose wich version of the code he would like to download.
It would be nice if there would be a link that I can send them to include in the webpage and that is automatically updates what it points to whenever the new code is released.
For example:
link to be included in the page:
and it points let say to:
once there is a release 1.1 it will automatically point to:

Is it possible to include this feature in the future version of the sound-software?


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I agree that this feature could be important. The only negative thing I can see is that by providing a direct link people would not be able to "see/browse" the project's page.

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I agree, this would be very useful -- the current situation is not at all satisfactory.

To complicate matters, however, a project like easyhg of course has many "latest" files. We really want e.g. http://code.soundsoftware.ac.uk/projects/easyhg/files/latest/windows to redirect to http://code.soundsoftware.ac.uk/attachments/download/130/EasyMercurial-0.9.8-Setup.exe, and so on for other tags.

Perhaps we need a shortcuts feature. Each download could have (optionally) one shortcut tag, such as "windows". The URL /projects/project_id/files/latest/shortcut_tag would then redirect to download the most recent file for that project that is marked as active and that has the given shortcut tag associated with it.

#3 Updated by Chris Cannam almost 10 years ago

... and perhaps /projects/project_id/files/latest/ could download the most recent active file without a tag.

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