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A C++ library for audio analysis, developed in the Centre for Digital Music, originally by Christian Landone.
c++, stable, gpl, dsp, feature extraction, mirChris Cannam2010-12-012011-01-25
Java-based framework for doing real-time signal processing and machine learning with Scheme as a scripting language.
java, dsp, jvm, schemeSamer Abdallah2012-01-172013-06-21
The Audio Degradation Toolbox (ADT) consists of Matlab code for the controlled degradation of audio signals, and for the adaptation of ground-truth to the degraded audio. Its main purpose is to test the robustness of audio analysis methods against certain classes of degradations of the audio quality ...
dsp, mir, audioMatthias Mauch, Sebastian Ewert2013-07-172014-06-17
Compare a few different C++ implementations of audio-rate signal decimation for relative speed and quality. "Decimation" refers here to downsampling a signal by an integer factor N; we only consider the case where N is a power of two ...
c++, dsp, decimation, resamplingChris Cannam2013-09-192013-10-21
Quick evaluation of some DSP jobs in Javascript (first up: the FFT).
dsp, javascript, fftChris Cannam2015-10-072015-10-07


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