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#define _VAMP_IN_PLUGINSDK   1
 Normal usage should be: More...
#define VAMP_SDK_VERSION   "2.10"

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#define _VAMP_IN_PLUGINSDK   1

Normal usage should be:

Problems will occur when a host includes files directly from the vamp-sdk directory. There are two reasons this might happen: mistake, perhaps owing to ignorance of the fact that this isn't allowed (particularly since it was the normal mechanism in v1 of the SDK); and a wish to incorporate plugin code directly into the host rather than having to load it.

What if the host does include a vamp-sdk header by mistake? We can catch it if it's included before something from vamp-hostsdk. If it's included after something from vamp-hostsdk, it will work OK anyway. The remaining problem case is where nothing from vamp-hostsdk is included in the same file. We can't catch that.

Definition at line 72 of file plugguard.h.

#define VAMP_SDK_VERSION   "2.10"

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#define _VAMP_SDK_PLUGSPACE_END (   h)