TempEst is a Vampy plugin written in Python. It uses a wrapper plugin called Vampy which enables its use in any Vamp host such as Sonic Visualiser. For this reason, you need to have Python installed on your machine together with scientific libraries such as Numpy and Scipy. You also need to install Vampy for your OS. You can find information about these on the web sites below.

There is a version of the plugin which provides detailed information about the analysed temperaments using RDF data expressed using the Temperament Ontology. There is also a live demonstrator of the plugin released as part of SAWA (

Links to useful pages

Python, Numpy, Scipy:
Temperament Ontology:
SAWA-TempEst (live demo):

Mac OS/X installation problems:

In case you are experiencing problems installing the dependencies of TempEst on recent versions of Mac OS/X, you may want to try the integrated SciPy superpack package which contains compatible versions of NumPy and SciPy: