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Chris Cannam, 2018-04-30 09:35 AM

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h1. Privacy
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If you are logged in as a registered user of this site, then:
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 * we use browser cookies to store session data on your local computer;
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 * we associate your session identity with your personal information as provided by you on registration, along with your IP address, in order to provide the service you have registered to obtain;
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 * we store this information in a database that is secured and located in the UK;
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 * we periodically back up the database to storage also located in the UK;
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 * you may apply to have any or all information about you removed from this site, by contacting us via email at
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If you are browsing this site but are not logged in, then:
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 * we store a single session cookie in order for the site to function correctly and consistently maintain application state from one page to the next;
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 * we do not store any other information about you;
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 * we do not store any information about you into site backups.
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In no case do we share any personal information about you with any third party. There are no third-party trackers on this site.