Documentation extracted from your code

If your project's repository contains code that is documented using either Doxygen or Javadoc, or any MATLAB code with documentation in comments in the conventional format, this site will automatically extract the documentation and make it available in a "Code docs" page for your project.

See the Vamp Plugin SDK project for an example using Doxygen (look for the "Code docs" link in the navigation), or Beatroot for an example that uses Javadoc.

How it works

Each night, a task runs which examines project repositories and checks whether they appear to contain either a Doxyfile file (the configuration file for Doxygen) or Java or MATLAB source code, and if any of these is found, extracts the documentation using Doxygen, Javadoc, or a MATLAB documentation extractor and makes it available for the project.

What if I don't want this?

If you have Java or MATLAB code or a Doxyfile in your repository but you don't want documentation to be shown for your project, just switch it off in the project settings. Go to Settings -> Modules and uncheck "Embedded documentation (Javadoc, Doxygen or MATLAB)".

Note that this setting is off by default, but the documentation task switches it on automatically the first time it finds your project has some documentation to extract. If you subsequently switch it off again, it will stay off.

Any problems?

Just contact us, we're happy to try to solve any problems you might have with this.