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Luis Figueira, 2011-06-15 01:24 PM
added some more deatils in some views descriptions

Bibliography Plugin Documentation

We're developing a Plugin to manage project's and user's bibliographical entries. In the issue tracker it is names feature_36.

Plugin Architecture






Model that "ties" the authors and publications models together. It contains relation-specific information:

  • name_on_paper: author's name on that specific publication;
  • order: author's order in that publication;
  • institution: author's institution when the publication was published;
  • email: author's email on that specific publication.


NOTE: upload the class UML.

Tying it all togheter

This is the complete documentation used to create the plugin:


There should be two main ways to browse publications:

  1. General
  2. Project

General Publications View

All the publications published in the website.

Project Publications View

All the publications related to a specific project.

My Publications

In the My Page, there should be a "box" with a list of all the publications added by the user and/or publications where the user is an author