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Luis Figueira, 2010-11-09 12:38 PM
more comments


Evaluation of the workshop

  • programming background very different
  • many different research areas (was this good or bad?)
  • some "attitude" problems??
  • networking was good… but it would be more important if everybody's research topic "presentations" should have been done in the first day
  • all the energy and "side" stories compensated for a lack of technical expertise

one day workshops? is it possible?

Version Control
  • the most important ideia coming out of the course
  • main topic for 1 day workshop
  • Are the user interfaces is more important than the tools itself?
  • should we develop our own tool? (based on hgexplorer)
    • study needs and workflows
    • tailor for new students, presentations, workshops

Building the "network"
  • organize a workshop every year
    • focused on the software used, not in the research itself
    • share code, practices
  • could also be done internally (C4DM)
    • need of bug tracking software
    • wiki to have discussions