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Chris Cannam, 2010-09-17 04:27 PM

2010-09-21: Agenda notes

Review of eScience All-Hands Meeting

  • Interesting things learned
  • People to keep in touch with, etc
  • Actions to take (e.g. documenting outcomes on website)


  • Missing areas of research - e.g. software synthesis?
  • Ask how much software development experience the respondent has?
  • Ask for general comments?
  • Send survey to autumn-school nominees as well?

Open questions in strategic planning

  • Is hosting code, data etc our best approach, or are there more cost-effective, simple, effective, sustainable etc alternatives?
  • What route to sustainability if we do provide hosting?
  • Review selection of applications, hosting platform etc (note: please review CC's initial technical notes and thoughts on a repository service presentations)
  • Project management (e.g. this document) -- use same platform, or something else?
  • Identify institutions that might be keen on closer involvement at an early stage (from the preliminary survey results?) -- test out some ideas with them


  • Server acquisition