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Chris Cannam, 2013-03-28 03:41 PM

Building SV v2.1 for Windows

It should now be possible to build Sonic Visualiser on Windows using the Qt Creator IDE. A special branch of the SV code is available which includes all the dependency libraries pre-built for your compiling and linking pleasure.

Get the right branch

Start by checking out the with-dependencies branch from Mercurial:

$ hg clone -b with-dependencies

Use the right build configuration

Open the main project in Qt5 Creator.

Configure for

  • a release build -- the debug build dependencies are not correctly set at the time of writing
  • using g++/MinGW tools -- the MSVC compiler is not supported
  • and disable shadow build -- it will only link if built in-place in the source tree

Then build

Let me know what happens...