Building SV v2.1 for Windows

It should now be possible to build Sonic Visualiser on Windows using the Qt Creator IDE. A special branch of the SV code is available which includes all the dependency libraries pre-built for your compiling and linking pleasure.

Get the right version of Qt

This branch needs Qt5 with Qt Creator and MinGW.

Get the right branch

Start by checking out the with-dependencies branch from Mercurial:

$ hg clone -b with-dependencies

Use the right build configuration

Open the main project in Qt5 Creator.

Configure for

  • a release build -- the debug build dependencies are not correctly set at the time of writing
  • using g++/MinGW tools -- the MSVC compiler is not supported
  • and disable shadow build -- it will only link if built in-place in the source tree

Then build

If it builds, you should be able to run it directly from Qt Creator.

If you want to run outside of Creator, note that the binary will depend on a lot of DLLs that come shipped with Qt5 (you can find them in the Qt5 bin folder). Making a WiX installer builder is on my TODO list but I haven't done it yet.

Let me know what happens and, if you run into any problems -- send me a fix!

Further notes from CT:


1. Follow instructions here:

2. Download Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.7, 650 MB)

3. Download MinGW-builds GCC 4.7.2 64-bit

4. Extract MinGW-builds GCC 4.7.2 64-bit to C:\Qt\mingw64-4.7.2

5. Rename "" inside "sonic-visualizer" folder in "version.h"

6. Open in Qt Creator

7. In Projects/Build/Manage Kits.../Build & Run/Compiler add a MinGW compiler and choose x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++.exe inside C:\Qt\mingw64\bin\

8. Build!