This is a set of files to analyze MIREX results for structural segmentation task for 2009-2012. If you run it successfully, you should reproduce the exact figures from the 2013 ISMIR article, "A meta-analysis of the MIREX Structural Segmentation task" by Jordan B. L. Smith and Elaine Chew. To recreate this paper from scratch, you will need Ruby to run the first part, which downloads all the necessary files from the Internet, and Matlab for the second part, which compiles and analyzes all this data. However, the final variables are also stored in a .mat file in the repository, so if you download this package you can also just inspect the final results.

To download the repository, click on the "Repository" tab and "Download as Zip". For more information about the research, there is a PDF link on the right.

Many thanks to Luis Figueira, Software Developer for SoundSoftware, who tested a version of the package for usability.

Related publications

J. B. L. Smith and E. Chew, “A meta-analysis of the MIREX Structural Segmentation task,” in Proceedings of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Curitiba, Brazil, 2013, pp. 251–6.
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Manager: Jordan Smith