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Research description

I do Music Information Retrieval research at Queen Mary, University of London. I investigate the perception of musical structure. As part of my work I often need to develop audio analysis code to run experiments. For example, code that processes a batch of audio files to estimate points in tracks where musical features are changing the most, points that will then be compared with the section boundary indications of listeners.

Occasionally I will use SoundSoftware for private projects like the Software Carpentry club.


Queen Mary, University of London


Publications (1)

Jordan B. L. Smith, Elaine Chew. A meta-analysis of the MIREX Structural Segmentation task  (2013)


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01:02 AM MIREX meta-analysis Revision 6:e2337cd691b1: Finishing writing the matlab code to replicate all observations made in ...
Added the article to the repository.
Renamed the two main scripts ("1-get_mirex_estimates.rb" and "2-generate_smith20...


09:25 PM MIREX meta-analysis Revision 5:8d896eec680e: Updated 1-get_mirex_estimates.rb to be compatible with Ruby 2.1.
Added .mat files to the package.
Other small fixes.


06:18 PM MIREX meta-analysis Revision 4:92b5a46bc67b: Made a bunch of progressive updates to several files. Focused on adding ...


05:12 PM MIREX meta-analysis Revision 3:c5c97558fb2f: Added example output pictures.
05:05 PM MIREX meta-analysis Revision 2:624231da830b: Removed name from comments. Updated readme extensively. Renamed 2 files ...
04:36 PM MIREX meta-analysis Revision 1:818a4b5f3384: Initial version, includes all files
Deleted previous stuff which was junk


02:48 AM Structural Analysis Evaluation Revision 1:77ba3cc50e08: Added missing file: directional_hamming_distance.m.


03:08 AM Structural Analysis Evaluation Revision 0:e7959d98cc50: Initial upload. "Boundary grader" and "compare structures" functions con...


02:50 AM MIREX meta-analysis Revision 0:89cf35646cb9: Initial batch of files, including all "all_results" CSVs, and a buggy pa...

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