Public fork of the dml-open-cliopatria repo with a view to merge back improvements to the source.

Recent activity

2018-07-13 05:58 PM wolffd.mail@googlemail.com
Revision 4:bbebda98c679: removed matlab from computations
2018-07-13 05:42 PM wolffd@googlemail.com
Revision 3:83702725b6e7: removed matlab from audio-ui and score
2018-07-13 04:14 PM wolffd.mail@googlemail.com
Revision 2:cef93a1252f2: starting non-matlab branch by stubbing all matlab-related functions. let's see which ones we need and how far we get ...
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2018-07-02 11:13 PM Daniel Wolff
Revision 1:78d77c2c8d1a: changed dml-open-cliopatria