Serialized Form

  • Package

    • Class extends javax.swing.JPanel implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • audioScale

          double audioScale
          Scaling factor for displaying the amplitude envelope
        • beatPtr

          java.util.ListIterator<E extends java.lang.Object> beatPtr
          location of selected beat (previous()) in the EventList beats
        • beats

          EventList beats
          beat data encoded as a list of Events
        • clipRect

          java.awt.Rectangle clipRect
          the clip rectangle for painting only those areas which have changed
        • currentTime

          double currentTime
          the current time of audio output (for cursor position)
        • defaultXSize

          int defaultXSize
          width in pixels of this panel
        • endSelection

          double endSelection
          end of selected data region (may be < start)
        • env

          double[] env
          the times corresponding to each point in the magnitudes array
        • font

          java.awt.Font font
          font used for displaying text
        • fontSize

          int fontSize
          size of font for inter-beat intervals and axis labels
        • gImage

          java.awt.Graphics gImage
          the Graphics object for drawing on img
        • gui

          GUI gui
          handle to the GUI (parent) object
        • hiThreshold

          double hiThreshold
          the threshold above which the maximum colour is used in the spectrogram
        • img

          java.awt.image.BufferedImage img
          background image showing audio data but not beats
        • loThreshold

          double loThreshold
          the threshold below which the minimum colour is used in the spectrogram
        • magnitudes

          int[] magnitudes
          smoothed amplitude envelope of audio signal
        • maximumTime

          double maximumTime
          the maximum time that might need to be displayed for this input file (seconds)
        • metrics

          java.awt.FontMetrics metrics
          metrics for calculating the size of printed strings
        • midiMax

          int midiMax
          largest displayed midi pitch
        • midiMin

          int midiMin
          smallest displayed midi pitch
        • minimumTime

          double minimumTime
          the minimum time that might need to be displayed for this input file (seconds)
        • mode

          int mode
          a bit string indicating what items are displayed on the main data panel
        • offsets

          double[] offsets
          the times of offsets (in seconds) for MIDI data
        • onsetList

          EventList onsetList
          a list of onset events for passing to the tempo induction and beat tracking methods
        • onsets

          double[] onsets
          the times of onsets (in seconds)
        • overlap

          double overlap
          the ratio of hop size to frame size (for aligning the spectrogram with the audio)
        • pitches

          int[] pitches
          the pitches of MIDI notes
        • regionSelected

          boolean regionSelected
          flag indicating whether a region is selected
        • scrollDirection

          int scrollDirection
          the direction of scrolling when dragging outside the displayed bounds
        • selectedBeat

          Event selectedBeat
          the current beat (in editing and annotation operations)
        • selectedBeatTime

          double selectedBeatTime
          time of selected beat (for undo)
        • spectro

          double[][] spectro
          spectrogram data
        • spectroLength

          int spectroLength
          number of frames of valid spectrogram data
        • startSelection

          double startSelection
          beginning of selected data region
        • tInc

          double tInc
          time interval between frames of spectrogram data (hop time)
        • visibleTimeLength

          double visibleTimeLength
          the duration of the visible audio data (seconds)
        • visibleTimeStart

          double visibleTimeStart
          the time corresponding to the leftmost point on the panel (seconds)
        • x0

          int x0
          x-coordinate corresponding to time t = 0 (could be off-screen)
        • xSize

          int xSize
        • yBottom

          int yBottom
          y-coordinate of bottom of data area (position of x-axis)
        • yMid

          int yMid
          y-coordinate of the bottom of the spectrogram and top of the amplitude envelope area
        • ySize

          int ySize
          height in pixels of this panel
        • yTop

          int yTop
          y-coordinate of top of data area
    • Class extends javax.swing.JFileChooser implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • file

    • Class extends javax.swing.JFrame implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • audioPlayer

          AudioPlayer audioPlayer
          The object which handles sound output
        • audioProcessor

          AudioProcessor audioProcessor
          The object which reads and processes audio
        • beats

          EventList beats
          The current list of beat times
        • chooser

          Chooser chooser
          BeatRoot's file chooser object
        • controlPanel

          The panel containing buttons and text fields, situated at the bottom of the window
        • displayPanel

          BeatTrackDisplay displayPanel
          The main data panel, which displays audio and beat data, and is a component of this window
        • listener

          The object which processes key, button and menu events
        • menuBar

          javax.swing.JMenuBar menuBar
          BeatRoot's menu bar
        • metricalLevels

          Parameters metricalLevels
          Dialog for specifying metrical levels
        • percussionSounds

          Parameters percussionSounds
          Dialog for setting the percussion sounds which are played on beats
        • preferences

          Parameters preferences
          Dialog for setting preferences
        • scrollBarWidth

          int scrollBarWidth
        • scroller

          javax.swing.JScrollBar scroller
          The scroller for showing or changing the position of the viewport relative to the whole audio file
        • scrollPane

          javax.swing.JPanel scrollPane
          An intermediate level panel containing the displayPanel and scroller
  • Package

    • Class extends java.lang.Object implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • flags

          int flags
        • keyDown

          double keyDown
        • keyUp

          double keyUp
        • midiChannel

          int midiChannel
        • midiCommand

          int midiCommand
        • midiPitch

          int midiPitch
        • midiTrack

          int midiTrack
        • midiVelocity

          int midiVelocity
        • pedalUp

          double pedalUp
        • salience

          double salience
        • scoreBeat

          double scoreBeat
        • scoreDuration

          double scoreDuration
    • Class extends java.lang.Object implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • l

          java.util.LinkedList<E extends java.lang.Object> l
    • Class extends javax.swing.JDialog implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • cancelButton

          javax.swing.JButton cancelButton
        • cancelled

          boolean cancelled
        • colors

          Colors colors
        • keyFields

          javax.swing.JLabel[] keyFields
        • map

        • okButton

          javax.swing.JButton okButton
        • panel1

          javax.swing.JPanel panel1
        • panel2

          javax.swing.JPanel panel2
        • parent

          java.awt.Frame parent
        • sz

          int sz
        • valueFields

          javax.swing.JComponent[] valueFields
    • Class extends Event implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • label

          java.lang.String label
        • loudness

          double loudness
        • tempo

          double tempo
  • Package

    • Class extends javax.swing.JFileChooser implements Serializable

    • Class extends javax.swing.JFrame implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • frame

          javax.swing.JFrame frame
        • panel

    • Class extends javax.swing.JPanel implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • audio

          AudioWorm audio
        • autoIndicator

          javax.swing.JCheckBoxMenuItem autoIndicator
        • autoScaleMode

          boolean autoScaleMode
        • bodyColours

          java.awt.Color[] bodyColours
        • controlPanel

        • framePeriod

          double framePeriod
        • inputFile

          java.lang.String inputFile
        • inputPath

          java.lang.String inputPath
        • labels

          java.lang.String[] labels
        • loudnessUnits

          java.lang.String loudnessUnits
        • matchFile

          java.lang.String matchFile
        • memSize

          int memSize
        • playButton

          javax.swing.JButton playButton
        • playThread

          java.lang.Thread playThread
        • rimColours

          java.awt.Color[] rimColours
        • scrollBar

        • smoothButtons

          javax.swing.JRadioButtonMenuItem[] smoothButtons
        • smoothMode

          int smoothMode
        • state

          int state
        • tail

          int tail
        • tempoUnits

          java.lang.String tempoUnits
        • theFrame

          javax.swing.JFrame theFrame
        • timingOffset

          double timingOffset
        • wait

          int wait
        • wormFile

          WormFile wormFile
        • wormFileName

          java.lang.String wormFileName
        • x

          double[] x
        • xCount

          double xCount
        • xmax

          double xmax
        • xmem

          double[] xmem
        • xmin

          double xmin
        • xScale

          double xScale
        • xSize

          int xSize
        • xSum

          double xSum
        • y

          double[] y
        • ymax

          double ymax
        • ymem

          double[] ymem
        • ymin

          double ymin
        • yScale

          double yScale
        • ySize

          int ySize
    • Class extends Parameters implements Serializable

      • Serialized Fields

        • audioFile

          java.lang.String audioFile
        • audioPath

          java.lang.String audioPath
        • axis

          java.lang.String axis
        • beatLevel

          java.lang.String beatLevel
        • beatsPerBar

          int beatsPerBar
        • composer

          java.lang.String composer
        • framePeriod

          double framePeriod
        • indication

          java.lang.String indication
        • key

          java.lang.String key
        • length

          int length
        • loudnessUnits

          java.lang.String loudnessUnits
        • performer

          java.lang.String performer
        • piece

          java.lang.String piece
        • smoothing

          java.lang.String smoothing
        • startBar

          java.lang.String startBar
        • tempoLate

          java.lang.String tempoLate
        • trackLevel

          java.lang.String trackLevel
        • upbeat

          java.lang.String upbeat
        • version

          java.lang.String version
        • year

          java.lang.String year