New: Tag your projects

You can now add tags to your projects to make them easier to find
Added by Chris Cannam over 12 years ago

Projects in this site are now taggable. This means you can add any number of tags to your project -- short pieces of text which represent some quality of the project that it might have in common with others.

A tag can be any text you like, but they're most useful if you choose tags that are already being used for the same thing by other projects (where possible).

To add tags, go to the Settings page for your projects -- you can find the tags list near the bottom of the information tab in the settings.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things you might like to tag. All the tags here are linked to the projects using those tags already on this site:

This will help others find your work and put it in context. You can now search by tag or text on the project list page, so this should become very useful over time.