New: Automatically extracting documentation from MATLAB

Now supporting Javadoc, Doxygen, and MATLAB conventions
Added by Chris Cannam over 11 years ago

We've just launched an extension to our existing project documentation feature, to add support for MATLAB documentation.

Our what feature?

The documentation feature allows you to document your source code inline, and to have the documentation automatically extracted and shown on this site.

To date we have had support for Javadoc (for Java code, naturally) and Doxygen (an inline documentation format used most often in C++). Both of these involve writing documentation for each class or method in your Java or C++, in the form of a specially formatted comment above the class or method declaration.

What's new is that we've just added support for MATLAB as well. By convention, MATLAB is often documented using an extended comment at the top of each source file prior to the code itself. Our extractor will now pull out such comments and make them available in your project pages through a "Code docs" link on the project navigation bar. You don't have to do anything to switch this on: it just happens.

See our Help page for more information, including how to switch this off if you don't want it!