Major site update!

New Explore page, and many behind-the-scenes changes
Added by Chris Cannam over 7 years ago

Yesterday morning we completed a major update to the code site. Most of the changes were behind-the-scenes updates and upgrades, but there were some visible changes as well.

We've brought together a tag cloud, the Latest Projects box that used to appear on the front page, and some new boxes showing project and institutional activity, into a new Explore page. This is now where the Projects link in the main menubar takes you: formerly it showed a list of all projects on the site, but that was becoming very unwieldy. (The list of all projects is still there, of course, and is linked from the Explore page.)

We're planning to update the Explore page with some new ways to find more relevant work, and code that is likely to be mature or stable. If you've any suggestions for other things you'd like to see here, please let us know!

We also have a new block available on My Page, called "Active projects for people I'm working with". This gives you some idea of what the people you work with on your own current projects are also doing (on public projects at least). You can add or remove this box from My Page using the Personalise link at top right.

Do let us know if you run into any problems with the updated site.