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Mercurial checkout URL not displayed

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The repository settings gives no option to show or adjust the Mercurial checkout URL (as I would expect of Redmine). Is this just because we have a slightly older base version here? Check this.


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OK, I had forgotten that this was provided by the Checkout plugin (not Redmine itself). Installed the plugin. Still one problem -- it shows a "translation missing" error when user is not in US locale. (Why I wonder does it show an error, rather than just defaulting to the US string?)

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Updated Checkout plugin does not work:

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `merge' for #<Array:0xae3056c>) on line #31 of vendor/plugins/redmine_checkout/app/views/projects/settings/_repository_checkout.rhtml:
28:   <% javascript_tag do %>
29:     protocolForm = new Subform(
30:       '<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => "projects/settings/repository_checkout_protocol", :locals => {:protocol => Checkout::Protocol.new({:protocol => form.object.scm_name, :append_path => form.object.allow_subtree_checkout? ? 1: 0, :repository => form.object})})) %>',
31:       <%= form.object.checkout_protocols.length %>,
32:       'checkout_protocol_table'
33:     );
34:   <% end %>

I haven't time to investigate this at the moment, but have removed the plugin from the live site.

#4 Updated by Chris Cannam over 13 years ago

Not a proper update but just a note: we are tracking Redmine trunk until Yuya's Mercurial overhaul patches are merged:


When these have been merged, we should stop tracking the trunk at the next subsequent stable release.

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Fixed with trunk update, db:migrate, db:migrate_plugins.

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