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A very simple program that reads a MIDI file and dumps it out as text. Also suitable for use in other C++ programs.
c++, midi, smf, bsdChris Cannam2011-05-162016-02-03
Midi IO for SWI Prolog on Mac OS X
midi, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-102012-01-10
A java program for running behavioural studies of music perception.
java, midi, psychology, perceptionMarcus Pearce2011-11-142013-07-16
Standard MIDI file input for SWI Prolog.
midi, prologSamer Abdallah2012-01-172012-01-17
Information dynamics aware melodic pattern generator system.
midi, matlab, osc, prolog, idyom, kinectHenrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-01-202012-01-20
Open NI/kinect based multiple person tracker
kinect, open niHenrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-01-212012-01-21
Kinect multiple user tracker for Melody Triangle
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-02-242012-02-24
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-01-232012-02-01
kinectSamer Abdallah2012-02-242012-02-24
Matlab part of Melody Triangle, used by Prolog part via plml
Samer Abdallah2012-02-012012-02-01
Prolog part of Melody Triangle - main server
Samer Abdallah2012-01-202012-01-20
A screen based UI for the information dynamics engine.
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-01-232012-01-23
Screen-based UI for OpenFrameworks 007.
Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah2012-02-232012-02-23
Converts MIDI data to RDF, using an ontology based on the SIA and SIATEC data model (see references)
rdf, midi, conversionSteven Hargreaves2014-02-062014-02-06
Analysis of piano pedalling techniques from sensor, audio and midi data
midi, python, pianoBeici Liang, Gyorgy Fazekas2016-07-132018-01-16


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