An experimental application for showing comparative alignments of audio recordings. Uses the Sonic Visualiser Libraries code. Not yet ready for general use.

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Manager: Chris Cannam

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2019-05-17 02:37 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 176:3cd7d38095cb: Reorder buttons, attempt to suppress close button from first pane
2019-05-17 02:32 PM Chris Cannam
Feature #1887 (Closed): Add a pitch-difference-aware alignment option Added in commit:20da45db38d3
2019-05-17 02:09 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 175:741f88f51b06: Mac styling
2019-05-17 01:51 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 174:8701d585165c: Merge
2019-05-17 01:50 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 173:05e34dba9b2b: Minor updates